Electrical Mechanical
Services, Inc.

998 E. Berwood Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55110

Phone: 651-484-5533
Fax: 651-484-7686



EMS is now part of the Shermco Industries family!

Expect great new products and services in the near future. 

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With more than 35 years in the business of repair, remanufacturing, field service and sales of motors and generators, EMS will serve as an important hub for Shermco in the region. EMS services include electric motor and generator repair and remanufacturing, motor and generator field services, machining services, vibration analysis, machinery alignment and field balancing services, transformer field services and AC/DC drive service. EMS also provides UL 508 listed panel shop services and new product distribution for electric motors, drives, and motor controls. Shermco will be expanding EMS capabilities over the coming year to incorporate wind energy services, electrical power systems testing, commissioning, and maintenance services, as well as circuit breaker and switchgear testing and remanufacturing. Art Anderson and the existing management team will continue to serve in the same capacities and will help foster Shermco growth in the region.



ABOUT SHERMCO - Shermco Industries is the leading independent provider of safe and reliable acceptance testing, commissioning, maintenance, repair and remanufacturing of electrical equipment and power distribution systems. With service centers located throughout North America, certified technicians and engineers focus on servicing both scheduled and unexpected projects for large commercial, industrial and utility customers. Shermco, a leader in electrical safety and technical training as well as industrial electrical contracting, utility, wind turbine maintenance and disaster recovery services. Shermco Industries is a member in good standing with the Electrical Apparatus Service Association, American Wind Energy Association, Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League, and the InterNational Electrical Testing Association. For more information about Shermco Industries, visit